From Critics to Advocates: 3 Tactics to Help Get Upset Parents on Board with School Meals

Recently, it's become common to see pictures of school meals shared online that students and parents deem unacceptable. Or, to see an article that negatively compares American school lunches to those from other countries. Unfortunately, this trend perpetuates an already dangerous, false stigma that all American school lunches are unacceptable. And we know that's not the case!

Parents want to be assured that their students are served healthy, delicious meals at school, but may be wary if that is actually the case based on content they see online. Combating this negative stigma can be difficult, but it's become a necessary battle for school nutrition departments across the country.

Here are a few tips that can help you get upset parents on board with schools meals:

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Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle begin at home. As a school administrator or school nutrition professional, you have a unique opportunity to share helpful tips with both students and their families.

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FitFuture Parent Newsletter: Ingredient Substitutions for Healthier Recipes

Trading high-calorie or high fat-ingredients for lower-calorie or lower-fat ingredients is a great way to make your favorite recipes healthier, without sacrificing flavor.

This month's FitFuture Parent Newsletter provides a list of quick and easy ingredient substitutions parents can make to just about any recipe for a guilt-free family meal.

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FitFuture Parent Newsletter: Tips for Healthier Celebrations at School and Home

Whether it's festivities at school or birthday parties at home, celebrations tend to offer foods that may undermine healthy eating habits for kids. But with some creative party planning you can take steps to make celebrations healthier.

Check out this month's FitFuture Parent Newsletter for a few tips on how to make celebrations healthier at school and at home:

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FitFuture Parent Newsletter: Supporting Good Health at School

School nutrition programs offer students a large variety of healthy and delicious options. Parents can take an active role in supporting these programs and encouraging their kids to choose a balanced meal when they go through the line.

Supporting good health at school is simple. Check out this month's FitFuture Parent Newsletter for a few tips on how parents can be an advocate for school nutrition:

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FitFuture Parent Newsletter: Turn Your Diet Green in 4 Easy Steps

It's important for your children to eat foods that will support growth, development, and good health. But eating healthy, and keeping your diet 'green' can be difficult.

With a few changes and minor adjustments, a green diet can be easy. Check out this month's FitFuture Parent Newsletter and turn your diet green in 4 easy steps.

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FitFuture Parent Newsletter: 7 Ways to Wean the Screen

Smart phones, computers, tablets, oh my! With an ever growing number of devices at our children’s finger tips, kids are spending more time than ever in front of screens. This month’s FitFuture Parent Newsletter  focuses on 7 ways to reduce screen time and inactivity.

Check them out and let us know what you think!

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FitFuture Parent Newsletter: 25 Quick Breakfast Ideas

Starting each day with a healthy, nutritious breakfast helps children concentrate better, be more creative, and be more physically active. But with a hectic morning schedule, how do you guarantee your child is getting a healthy breakfast?

This month's FitFuture Parent Newsletter highlights some of our favorite quick breakfast ideas that will help your morning run a little bit smoother. Check 'em out!

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FitFuture Parent Newsletter: Quick and Healthy Meals

Each work week, the demanding schedule of being a parent can make it easy to resort to on-the-go, high calorie foods in place of more nutritious family meals. With that in mind, this month's FitFuture focuses on tips to create quick and healthy meals the whole family will enjoy.

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