School Cybersecurity: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

In the wake of recent cybersecurity hacks, districts across the country are on high alert and looking for ways to make sure they don't become the next victim of a cyberattack. In a 2018 study conducted by EdTech, school districts were found to be one of the least secure of the 17 industries surveyed, due in part to a lack of funding allocated to cybersecurity. This has lead to weaker security protections making schools more likely to be targeted by hackers.

There are many different types of cybersecurity threats, but one of the most common is called ransomware. This is when hackers gain unauthorized access to the data on your computer and demand money in order to regain access to it. These threats expose sensitive information of those in your school community, disrupt school operations, and have high recovery costs. This heightens the importance of reviewing internal and external security measures to keep your student and staff information safe.

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5 Platforms Every School Should Consider Integrating with Their Student Information System

School technology continues to evolve to support the operational needs of K12. Student Information Systems (SIS) have revolutionized how school administrators, teachers and parents maintain and access student records. Data such as demographics, student enrollment, class schedules, and grades are electronically and securely managed within a student information database. Now that most - if not all K12 districts use a SIS, other school systems have built integrations to streamline these processes even further. Here are 5 key platforms to consider integrating with your SIS: 

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Lower Your Risk: Five Ways to Help Keep Your School Data Secure

We’ve all heard recent news coverage around the latest hacks, security breaches, and the like. In a world where electronic information is the new norm, a school environment can be at risk of exposing sensitive information involving students, parents, and staff.

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of many industries, including the K-12 space, and can be a challenge to address. Here are some reminders to help ensure your school data is secure:  

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