5 Platforms Every School Should Consider Integrating with Their Student Information System

Posted by Nate Winans on Jul 24, 2019 10:30:00 AM

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School technology continues to evolve to support the operational needs of K12. Student Information Systems (SIS) have revolutionized how school administrators, teachers and parents maintain and access student records. Data such as demographics, student enrollment, class schedules, and grades are electronically and securely managed within a student information database. Now that most - if not all K12 districts use a SIS, other school systems have built integrations to streamline these processes even further. Here are 5 key platforms to consider integrating with your SIS: 

Learning Management Software (LMS):

Learning management software allows teachers to track and manage their classrooms. By connecting this platform with your SIS, important information like student attendance, grades, and courses can be tied to student records in real-time. Since most student information systems have a parent portal, this integration grants parents access to their student’s grades and homework assignments. 

Student Health Records (SHR):

It’s crucial that each district maintains the most up-to-date student health records. When information such as allergies, immunizations, and emergency contact information can seamlessly sync with your SIS, there is a lower risk of having incomplete records. Integrations also allow parents to complete any required health forms through the parent portal.

Communication Services: 

Schools utilize various communication services that allow teachers and staff to contact parents via email, text, or communication apps like Remind. Having an open line of communication helps parents feel more connected to what’s going on in school. Integration with your SIS enables communication services to use existing contact and roster records, so your staff has access to the most up to date information.

Fee Management: 

With the countless fees that schools need to manage and collect each year, assigning them to students can be time-consuming. By connecting your fee management system with your SIS, bookkeepers or administrators can automatically assign fees to students based on enrollment, grade, or class. Parents also have the ability to easily view and make payments through the parent portal.

Cafeteria Point of Sale:

Linking your cafeteria's point of sale to your SIS ensures that the most accurate, up-to-date student information is shared between systems. It also gives your SIS access to meal account balances and cafeteria purchase history that parents can access through the online portal. 


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