Top 5 student fees districts collect during back to school

As every new school year begins, so do all the back-to-school to do lists! Districts nationwide are preparing plans for their school programs and the collection of fees that come along with them. From class fees to parking passes, schools are managing countless student programs that require payments. Many schools still rely on physical cash and check payments, even though parents may prefer to pay electronically. By leveraging an online School Commerce Platform, like MySchoolBucks, schools can simplify how they collect and manage fees district-wide.

Here's the top 5 fees we see schools managing each year and how to collect them more efficiently:

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4 ways MySchoolBucks can help schools do more with less

In a survey by the District Administration at the start of the 2023-2024 school year, 45% of schools surveyed reported insufficient staff as an ongoing issue. As districts grapple with the downstream effects of limited resources, it becomes even more important for schools to find technology partners that can create efficiencies and help them overcome operational challenges.

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