Happy Holidays (+ 2018 Most Popular Blog Posts)

Posted by Nate Winans on Dec 19, 2018 11:04:35 AM

From our Heartland family to yours,
have a wonderful holiday season!

 Take a look at our most popular blog posts from 2018:


  1. [New Designs] Free School Menu Templates For The 2018-19 School Year!

    The new school year is right around the corner and we're excited to release a whole new set of designs for our 2018-19 school year menu templates! These fun, free, easy-to-use templates are available for you to download now to prep for the new year. With popular, unique designs that channel the spirit of each month, these menus are sure to catch the eye of your students' parents. Read More >

  2. 5 Websites For Free After School Program Activities

    After School programs play an essential role in boosting academic performance, promoting physical health, and creating a safe environment for children of working parents.  If you're a teacher or director who operates one of these programs, you know how much work goes into keeping children engaged.  Read More >

  3. Heartland Announces a New Partnership with Powerschool

    Having been a part of the K-12 industry for decades, we know that your student information system is like the central control room for your school district. It’s how schools keep track of all student data, from grading and test scores, tracking student attendance, building class schedules, and everything in between. So when data can flow easily – and securely – between your SIS and other programs in your district, it can really save time and bring added efficiencies for school administrators, parents, and students. Read More >

  4. How Technology Impacts Your Meal Program: Five Ways to Stay Ahead of the Game

    With an estimated 40% of parents between the ages of 38 and 18, millennials are part of an ever growing parent population in K-12 schools. This generation of the early cell phone adopters, now Facebook, Snapchat and tweet constantly, turn to Alexa for daily problem solving, and require Uber as a main source of transportation. With the increasing reliance on convenience-based technology as a part of daily life, here are some ideas to help engage with your parents and promote your meal program in the digital age. Read More >

  5. How to Use Cafeteria Surveys to Grow Your Nutrition Program (+ Free Survey Templates)

    How great would it be if you only served foods that your students loved? Not only would it boost participation and sales, but it would also help reduce food waste. Although this is an admirable goal, figuring out what students like can be difficult. This is where cafeteria surveys can help.  Read More >

  6. 6 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Digital Signage to Your Cafeteria

    Say goodbye to whiteboards and printed menus and hello to new and up-to-date digital signage! Digital signage is changing the way cafeterias around the country share their daily menus and school announcements. It not only gives your cafeteria a fresh, updated look, but also helps to engage your students and increase participation. Read More >

  7. 9 Dos & Don'ts For Managing Your Nutrition Program's Facebook Page

    Social media platforms have become such a powerful communication and marketing tool that even
     SNA publishes resources to help teach nutrition programs how to create effective social media strategy. While online communities continue to grow and change, Facebook still remains one of the most used social platform, even compared to Instagram and Twitter. Read More >

  8. Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Your Schools

    Being a part of your students' daily lives - whether in the lunchroom or in the classroom - creates a special and unique bond. What better day to celebrate the friendship and care you provide them than on Valentine's Day? Here are a few simple ways to get students engaged and show them you love them. Read More >


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