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Child Nutrition Reauthorization: What Is It and Why It Matters to You

The following post was written by Barry Sackin of Sackin & Associates

What is Child Nutrition Reauthorization?

This June will mark the 70th anniversary of the National School Lunch Act (NSLA), now named after Sen. Richard B. Russell from Georgia who is considered to be the father of the legislation.  When it was first enacted, the NSLA was what is called a “grant-in-aid” for states to develop and support school lunch programs.  Over the years, this approach has been replaced by the program we know today.  The way it has made the changes is through regular reauthorizations, or legislation that amends the law.  There have been almost two dozen reauthorizations over the past 70 years, as well as changes enacted in legislation between the regular schedule.

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4 Ways Your District Can Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for a school community to come together and celebrate the spirit of the holiday with one another. How are you celebrating Thanksgiving in your district this year?

If you need a little inspiration, below are a few activities you can do with your staff and students to help you get into the spirit of the holiday.

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Newton 5.5 is Here!

From MCS Software, the latest version of Newton POS & Financials is now available and comes packed with new features and enhancements to help improve your daily operations.

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