Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Campus Cashless

Posted by Mary Ryan on Feb 13, 2015 10:36:00 AM

As school districts struggle with shrinking budgets and reduced resources, they are always looking to do more with less.  Now is the time to consider taking your campus cashless by implementing a district-wide payment solution that provides many benefits for district staff, parents and students alike.    

Little_Girl_Holding_Money_08Making purchases with credit/debit cards has become the norm, and is our most widely used form of payment. Gone are the cash and checks of yesterday.  In districts where meal payments can be made online, parents have embraced the service and district food service operations have reaped the rewards. With less resources and increased payment volume for school fees, an automated district payment system is a great solution for districts and parents.

Here's the top 5 reasons to take your campus cashless: 

  1. Accountability, control & visibility - Accepting credit/debit card payments online and on-campus improves financial management with system integration and robust reporting for easier reconciliation.
  2. Increase revenue - Increases payment frequency, while encouraging higher payment amounts.  Provides auto-payment features and low balance notifications.  Saves resources and assists in maintaining positive cash flow.
  3. Minimize Risk - Reduces cash handling and provides the highest security standards with PCI and CISP.  Eliminates the need for children to bring cash or checks to campus.
  4. Ease administrative responsibility - Provides key systems integration with student finance systems, reduces time spent counting cash and checks.
  5. Convenience and security for parents - Parents can easily make secure online payments 24/7 from their computer or mobile device and provides peace of mind knowing payments are received by the school.

If we can help answer any questions you may have about district payment solutions, please feel free to contact us, we love hearing from you!
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