Introducing MSB Tickets + PickleJuice

Posted by Emily Liptak on Sep 1, 2023 9:42:23 AM

MSB Tickets + Pickle Juice

At Heartland, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that strengthen school operations, simplify tasks for parents, and enrich the student experience through our school enablement platform. This includes MySchoolBucks, our online school commerce service that’s trusted by over 30,000 schools and millions of families nationwide.

We’re excited to introduce two game-changing solutions for MySchoolBucks to help manage high school events this year. This includes MSB Tickets, our premiere event management & ticketing platform, and Pickle Juice, the all-new team management solution for high school teams and their booster clubs. Together, these solutions can help transform the way you sell tickets and manage teams across your high schools.

Sell tickets & collect event payments

With MSB Tickets, you can quickly create, promote, and track ticket sales for all your events in one easy-to-use solution.  Customize ticket pricing, offer season passes, and even import your venue layout for seat selection when setting up your new events.

MSB Tickets makes it easy for eventgoers to browse upcoming events, purchase digital tickets online, and quickly redeem them on the event day.  It’s the perfect ticketing solution for sporting events, theater productions, proms/dances, raffles, and more!

"I had no problems. It was quite smooth on my end as far as getting it set up [in MSB Tickets]. And the principal wanted to know - almost several times a day - how many tickets we sold. So I just logged in, showed him the graph, and he saw everything. So on the back end, it worked great." - Janet Grafft, Coordinator of Business Services, Iowa City Community School District

MSB Tickets

Manage team registrations and payments

Pickle Juice is the latest addition to the MySchoolBucks lineup, offering a complete team management solution for schools and booster clubs.  Take online player registrations, collect payments, set up mobile concessions, track revenue, fundraise, and communicate across teams all in one place.

"We adopted the Pickle Juice platform this year, and it has been a resounding success for my role as treasurer, for the coaches with their communications with athletes/parents, and for parents who have appreciated the flexibility and convenience of online registration and contactless payments. We are very happy customers" - Sean O'Brien, Booster Club treasurer of Alpharetta cross country

Pickle Juice

Whether you’re looking to accept online tickets for an upcoming school event or support the booster clubs that manage some of your teams, MySchoolBucks can help!  Contact us today to see how you can get started this school year.

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