How to Celebrate Your School Lunch Heroes

Posted by Nate Winans on Apr 29, 2019 11:30:00 AM

School Lunch Hero Day

On Friday, May 3, food service professionals will be celebrating the 7th Annual School Lunch Hero Day. This day provides the perfect opportunity to recognize those individuals who work so diligently throughout the year to serve nutritious and delicious meals to our students. The impressions they make on each child that comes through the cafeteria is remarkable.

Celebrate your school lunch heroes

Here are some fun ways to celebrate the day.


  • Have a student or faculty member recognize cafeteria staff over the morning announcements or on the school's TV show.
  • Arrange for the principal and teachers to serve food for one day so the cafeteria staff can enjoy a “sit-down” meal!
  • Promote your cafeteria staff in the main office so visitors can see the appreciation and admiration you have for them.
  • Recognize your cafeteria staff with a small gift or award.
  • For more ways to recognize your school nutrition heroes, check out SNA’s website.


  • Have them create their own school lunch hero comic book character and share with their classmates.
  • Get some student volunteers to help serve lunch to your cafeteria staff.
  • Create a banner to hang in the cafeteria and have students sign it when they come into the cafeteria.
  • Download SNA’s activity booklet for fun activities that they can complete.


The most important part of School Lunch Hero Day is to have fun! Try to get as many students and faculty involved as possible to spread their happiness, energy, and appreciation. To learn more about School Lunch Hero Day, visit or check out the TedTalk below. 


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