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Boost your donations this giving season

It’s the giving season! This time of year, many schools plan fundraisers and donations to support their districts and communities. It’s also a time for students to learn the importance of giving back to others. Whether you’re well on your way in your donation journey or you’re about to kick start one, here are a few ideas to consider when trying to boost your school donations and encourage others around you to do the same.

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Save the date! It's time for Connect 2024


Join us in Durham, NC for Connect 2024 at the JB Duke Hotel at Duke University! From March 19-20th, get ready to learn how to get the most from Heartland products by hearing from our product experts.

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Celebrate GivingTuesday this year

Since 2012, GivingTuesday has been a global initiative that encourages people to do good during the holiday season. This year on November 28th, join the movement and help your community get involved by supporting the causes that matter most to your school district!

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Plan your next school event in 5 easy steps

Planning a school event can take a lot of time, effort, and resources. From scheduling the event to coordinating all the little details, there’s a lot that must be done. Let’s take a look at the 5 important steps to make sure your event is set up for success. 

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