MealViewer Marketing Materials

If you have ever wondered how you can inform your parents and students of your MealViewer Platform, this is the answer: Marketing Materials. The goal is to provide districts with the materials necessary to market to their audience. We do this by providing not only affordable marketing materials but materials that are relevant, modern and attractive to parents and students.

We have a variety of collections and designs to make your lunchroom more appealing. These engaging materials can be placed strategically in lunchrooms and at school events to let your audience know about your MealViewer Platform!

Districts across the nation have seen positive results from effectively marketing their program.The more your students are informed, the more food ratings you will receive, and the more your revenue will increase.

Let us help you promote your MealViewer products the best way we know how- by providing quality, exceptional products every time!

Check out our Marketing Materials in our online store at or give your MealViewer success story on Twitter to receive a free marketing box filled with our favorite products!