MealViewer Digital Signage Vs. Other "Signage"

A student walks into their school cafeteria and is prepared to eat what is served in the lunch-line that day. They checked the menu last night and they already know what they are going to eat today: it’s taco Tuesday! The student takes a place in the long lunch line and takes a glance at a big screen displaying a glam-version of the meal for the day. They proceed to tirelessly wait to grab lunch. The long line feels like it is taking away from the only break in the long school day to socialize and relax. After spending a huge portion of the break in line, the student takes their meal to the lunch table to spend the last few minutes with their friends. After thinking it over, the student decides they might start bringing their lunch to school, even on taco Tuesday, to better enjoy their short free-time in the long day.

What does other digital signage do? Many companies in the school nutrition industry will convince you that their signage is increasing participation because of the pretty pictures of food but this is far from the truth. The appeal to items served works in restaurants, but the K-12 school industry needs its own customization in digital signage. Students have already decided if they are hitting up the lunch line before they walk in and this is dependent on if they have a lunch box in-hand or not. Appetizing pictures aren’t changing this choice- they are still heading to the lunch table with their home-packed lunches in hand.

How can digital signage really convince students to choose the lunch line over the lunch box?

Another student walks into their school cafeteria prepared to eat what is served to them in the lunch line. Their MealViewer app let them know that it’s lasagna day! Everyone in school loves lasagna day, and because of MealViewer food ratings, the cafeteria knows it! However, this makes the lunch-line very long but the student takes a spot in line anyway. They take a glance at the MealViewer Digital Signage and watch some highlight clips from last week’s football game on the screen. Pictures from the recent school dance are also playing on a slideshow right next to the nutritionals for the meal of the day. The students in line giggle together at a funny picture from the dance. Before the student knows it, they are through the lunch line and sitting with their friends enjoying their meal. After finishing their lasagna, they check their apple watch MealViewer app and decide they will eat at school tomorrow too.

Do you see the difference in our Digital Signage for K-12 lunchrooms? You cannot put the same signage for restaurants in schools because our cafeterias need a tailored platform for students to feel entertained in the lunch-line. While stock photos of food may increase consumption and participation in restaurants and other food services, students already know the food being served at school. The leading cause of students packing their own lunch is that they don’t want to use their free-time waiting in line. Our Digital Signage turns the practice of waiting in line into a social and entertaining experience.

Would you rather pay more for your digital signage and receive no traceable benefits or choose MealViewer and increase participation for a smaller price? You make the choice.