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To be a hero in your school district is to have MealViewer. We say this so confidently because we have directly witnessed the lives changed from our MealViewer2 platform.

As a company built by a nutrition director for nutrition directors, we know what we are talking about. So many students in your own school district need someone who accounts for their special health and dietary needs.

Imagine being the nutrition director that gives the solution to a child with extreme food allergies who lives in fear of eating the wrong food in the lunchroom. MealViewer makes you that hero! Our entire MealViewer2 platform complete with Digital Signage and Digital Suite was created with the needs of all students in the mind of our own nutritional director.

You and your team of directors need our platform and analytics to raise your cafeteria revenue. Dream of having a much higher standard in your nutrition services with less effort put in by you and your team! MealViewer makes you that hero, too! MXComplete allows our professional customer service team to handle all of your menu tasks for you.

Once you have MealViewer, your schools could never be left behind because of our constant free updates to adapt to the changing needs of our industry. MealViewer is constantly working, even when you aren’t. We cannot rest until we have improved the lives of students, parents, staff, and directors in schools.

We hope you are ready to take action in your school district with MealViewer and let us save your school nutrition programs. Contact us for a free demo and to join the MealViewer Family.