Allergen and Nutritional Update

At MealViewer, we strive to improve our platform daily based on feedback from the people who matter most, the students, parents, and directors that use it.

We have received a lot of feedback about how much it would mean for you all to have pork and gluten as allergen items in MealViewer. We know how important this feature could be to many of you, especially those with dietary restrictions.

Another common suggestion we received, was that Sugar content be available to be displayed as a nutritional value for your items. Sugar content can play a huge role in some student’s choices in the cafeteria, especially those with diabetes.

We have released changes to our mobile app and online platform that accomplish all three of these requests! We hope these updates help make your jobs that much easier and help keep your students safe.

Thank you from the MealViewer Team for all of your feedback and helping us provide the all-encompassing platform designed for and by Nutrition Directors.