3 Easy Ways to Create Invoices in MySchoolBucks


Invoicing is a great way to enhance the way you collect student fees for the new school year. With MySchoolBucks , you can electronically assign fees based on class, grade, or enrollment to reduce in-person payments. We have several different invoicing options that you can tailor to fit your school's needs.

Option #1
- Manually assign fees to students

This option is perfect if you have a small group of students that you’d like to assign a specific fee to. For example, when you have a class field trip, you could use MySchoolBucks to search students by last name and assign the field trip fee with a description of your choosing.




Option #2 - Uploading a list of student fees

Chances are you may have fees that are tracked in a spreadsheet. Typically these types of lists can contain numerous students, which would make physically assigning and notifying parents an extremely time consuming process. With MySchoolBucks, you can easily import that fee list into our system to assign fees and invoice parents directly - no manual entry required!



Option #3 - Dynamically assign fees based on enrollment

If you need to assign fees based on enrollment data, MySchoolBucks can integrate with a number of student information systems (SIS) like PowerSchool to automatically generate invoices.  As students are enrolled to specific classes, buildings, or grades in your SIS,  MySchoolBucks will automatically create new invoices for them.  For schools that have many required fees per student, this option alleviates the need to manually assign or upload lists more than once.



How parents are notified and pay

How parents pay their invoices is entirely up to you. You can allow partial payments, payment schedules, require payments in full, or any other way that you’d like to collect the funds. When a payment or installment is dues, parents will be automatically notified via the mobile app or by email so they can conveniently pay their invoice online. Parents will have visibility into exactly what fees are due and when for each of their students, and can see what payments they’ve already made. 


Reporting capabilities 

After you've assigned your invoices, all payments are tracked in MySchoolBucks. Through the payment report option, you have full visibility into who has paid, what is still owed, and any past due payments. You can run this report for any date range to export and keep for your record.

Invoicing is a flexible way to collect student payments for both you and parents. You have the power to decide how and when a fee is paid, and parents have the ability to conveniently pay online without having to physically come to the school or send their student in with cash / check. Contact us for more information on your district can leverage invoicing and reduce in-person payments for the new school year.