How the MySchoolBucks App Can Help Your District

Mobile App

The MySchoolBucks App can make collecting and paying student fees much easier for you and parents and here's why:

As mentioned in the Heartland Connections Blog, shopping trends have shifted tremendously towards mobile commerce in recent years. In 2018 mobile commerce sales in the U.S. reached a record $208 billion, representing over 39% of all eCommerce sales. By 2021, mobile commerce is expected to account for over 54% of all total eCommerce sales.

Smartphones have become the dominant mobile channel worldwide, specifically in reference to the usage of apps. In fact, 85% of mobile use is spent in apps as opposed to browsers. We developed an app to make life simpler for you and parents. Here are five reasons why you should encourage parents to use the MySchoolBucks App:


#1 - Easy to navigate from a mobile device 

There's no need to open a browser to access MySchoolBucks. Parents can download the app right to a phone or tablet and can conveniently make school payments at any time with the push of a button. 


#2 - More functionality 

The app has been configured to fit both IOS and Android and serves as a central location for parents to easily view upcoming payments, previous payments and browse School Store items.


#3 - Receiving notifications is easy 

Parents receive automatic notifications for things like negative meal balances or fees due, right in the app. This helps parents to more easily stay on top of student fees and helps you to collect payments faster.

# 4 - Conveniently access chat support at anytime 

Parents have access to live chat agents from 7am to 7pm ET, Monday through Friday, but outside of regular business hours parents can get assistance from our self-help chat support. 

# 5 - Boosts participation at your district

Stats show that more than three-fourths of people prefer to use an app over a mobile browser. The same applies to your parents who are more than likely driven by technology. By encouraging them to use the app, you can give your parents the convenience they've come to expect. 


Here's a quick overview on the app: 

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It's no surprise that consumers are relying on apps for their online shopping needs to make purchasing items fast, easy and convenient. Want to learn more on how your district can leverage the MySchoolBucks App?