Easily Collect Your End-Of-Year Fees


With the school year coming to a close, easily collect all of your end-of-year payments with MySchoolBucks Invoicing. Here are three ways invoicing simplifies payment collection for you and your staff:


1. Collect all fees at the same time

Invoices in MySchoolBucks allow you to create an itemized bill for all of your end-of-year fees. Here are just some of the features available:

  • Set your due date
  • Custom descriptions
  • Automatic late fees
  • Assign by grade, school, or student information
  • Assign to non-MSB users with an email address
  • Multiple G/L codes
  • Allow partial payments or payment plans
  • Prices based on free & reduced status


2. Convenient for Parents

MySchoolBucks allows your schools to collect payments with ease online, and in-person with MySchoolBucks Anywhere. Parents are notified by email when an invoice is assigned to their account. Your staff can also set up automatic reminders on a custom schedule to make sure payments are on time.


3. Custom Reports

Set up your Reports Dashboard to include invoices. The dashboard is set up per account so every member of your team can create a view that's right for them! The invoice reports allow you to see how much has been collected, if any payments have been waived, overdue accounts, and more!


To learn more about the Invoicing feature in MySchoolBucks, please visit our website here.

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