Quick Tips To Optimize Your K-12 POS Menu Boards

Your point of sale is the center of your nutrition operation during serving periods. With an average lunch period lasting only 25 minutes, students want to get through the line quickly so they have time to eat and chat with friends.

While there are many adjustments you can make to speed up your serving lines, optimizing your menu boards can also help shave a few precious seconds off the time it takes to enter a transaction.

Here are 8 tips for building menu boards that help make your cashier's job easier and your lines move faster:

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How Mobile Shopping Trends Are Shaping the Way Districts Collect Fees

In 2018 mobile commerce sales in the U.S. reached a record $208 billion, representing over 39% of all ecommerce sales. This year, that figure is expected to grow to over $270 billion.

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Two Major Takeaways From The 2019 SNIC Keynote

As part of the MealViewer team at Heartland, I have been to many school nutrition events in over 40 states and I always enjoy them. However, the impact of this year's School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC) was different - TOTALLY different! When I flew home from Austin, I left with a renewed sense of purpose and ambition for what we all do each day in the school nutrition industry.

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What the Government Shutdown Means for Your Nutrition Program

The following post was written by Barry Sackin of Sackin & Associates

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Register for #Connect2019 - Our biggest event of the year!

Whether your connecting with people, solutions or ideas, a powerful connection can have a huge impact. That’s why we’ve renamed our Heartland training conference to Connect 2019. Join us this Spring for our biggest event of the year!

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Happy Holidays (+ 2018 Most Popular Blog Posts)

From our Heartland family to yours,
have a wonderful holiday season!

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How To Use Cafeteria Surveys to Grow Your Nutrition Program (+ FREE Survey Templates)

How great would it be if you only served foods that your students loved? Not only would it boost participation and sales, but it would also help reduce food waste. Although this is an admirable goal, figuring out what students like can be difficult. This is where cafeteria surveys can help.

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Heartland Announces a New Partnership with PowerSchool

Having been a part of the K-12 industry for decades, we know that your student information system is like the central control room for your school district. It’s how schools keep track of all student data, from grading and test scores, tracking student attendance, building class schedules, and everything in between. So when data can flow easily – and securely – between your SIS and other programs in your district, it can really save time and bring added efficiencies for school administrators, parents, and students.

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What's Next in USDA Foodservice Policy

The following post was written by Barry Sackin of Sackin & Associates

It’s October of a very interesting year. The midterm elections are less than a month away, and the direction of the school foodservice segment will be impacted considerably. It is not my place or intention to comment on politics or your choices, but, as good citizens, I encourage all of you to vote your conscience.

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5 Websites For Free Afterschool Program Activities

Afterschool programs play an essential role in boosting academic performance, promoting physical health, and creating a safe environment for children of working parents.  If you're a teacher or director who operates one of these programs, you know how much work goes into keeping children engaged.

Here are five websites we found that are packed with tons of free (and fun!) activities for kids:

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